Wednesday, 4 April 2012

TEEN: Seizure - Kathy Reichs

Release Date: 05/01/12


This is a heart-stopping forensic action with a lethal twist. The Virals' home on Loggerhead Island is under threat, and only one thing can save it: a lot of money. A 300-year-old legend Rumour has it that notorious pirate Anne Bonny hid her treasure somewhere in Charleston in 1720. No-one knows where, but Tory Brennan - great-niece of famous forensic anthropologist Dr Tempe Brennan - is certain that the Virals can work out Bonny's cryptic clues. A deadly path, it isn't long before the Virals are on the right track. But they aren't the only ones searching for the treasure. Someone is following them, and will stop at nothing to get their hands on it. Dead bodies litter the trail. Time is running out before the island will be sold. Will the Virals' special powers be enough to save them?


Having read the original title in Kathy’s YA series I was a little apprehensive as to what this, the second book would offer. Not because I didn’t expect a great story, but for my pet peeve of the utilisation of links to Temperance Brennanm when in all honesty it really wasn’t required.

What unfurled was a title that was part investigation and for me something that was part Goonies (which was alluded to within the text) as the “pack” of heroes from the previous title, embark on a treasure hunt to save their island and parents jobs so that they can continue to live together.

It’s quirky, it has some magical moments within and of course drawing on a mystery, it allows Kathy to weave her magic leaving the reader to wonder what is happening and who are the mysterious figures behind the chase. Add to this, a solid sense of pace which when backed with a cracking lead heroine and all in, I was a very pleased reader aside from my side niggle. Great fun and definitely a solid series to help move from YA to adult.

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