Thursday, 26 April 2012

10+: Brotherband 2: The Invaders - John Flanagan

Release Date: 26/04/12


Enter a world of wolfships, epic battles and treachery in the cold northern seas. Enter the world of Brotherband. Hal and the Heron brotherband are on the trail of Zavac and his precious cargo. Will they be able to find the pirates when the weather clears? And when they do, how can they possibly beat the mighty Raven and its crew of vicious cut-throats and killers? A chance discovery will lead them to their prey, but the pirates have a well-fortified position. The Herons must drive out the invaders - and to succeed, Hal will need to devise a foolproof plan. In the icy waters of the Stormwhite, the smallest mistake could prove fatal.


With so many YA titles out there, its sometimes hard to find one that suits your young reader down to the ground. After all you can embark on journeys to the Far East, you can indulge in werewolves but finding a fantasy that doesn’t delve too much into the adult world is a tricky one to master. Well not any more. One of my favourite series was the Rangers Apprentice one which sadly finished last year, however John hit back with this brand new one called Brotherband which follows a group of young Skandian’s (think Vikings) as they come of age and seek to retrieve a treasure that was stolen on their watch.

It’s quirky, the characters each have their own strengths and whilst brawn is involved its how they gel as a team that makes this title so outstanding, especially with all the various trials that they face as well as internal bickering as they seek to regain their honour. Its fun, its beautifully written and with the action packed in with a crowbar there’s something for all. Back that up with a great supporting cast alongside a love interest and you know that it’s a series that’s going to be a lot of fun. I really can’t wait for the next part later in the year to see how they do.

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