Tuesday, 17 April 2012

3+: My Big Book of Monsters - Jenny Arthur and Maggie Baleson

Release Date: 01/03/12


'Sometimes when you're sleeping, as you rest your tired head, there's a magic monster party going on ...under your bed'. This hardback gift book is packed full of friendly, funny and downright hilarious monsters! The magical story is brought to life by fabulous moving mechanisms from the talented Maggie Bateson, including tabs to pull, dials to spin and flaps to lift. Every page is literally bursting with surprises.


If there’s a type of YA book that I’m guaranteed to love it’s a book with Monsters and Pop-Up’s, so my two passions combined in this title that was a whole host of chaos for the young reader with so much to look at that there is a surprise on all pages as it unfurls within the young readers mind.

Its bright, has a decent story but when you add popups to the equation, it’s a title that goes from good to superb. Add to this a great sense of fun as well as characters that are bright and mischievous and the reader really will have a lot of fun finding the magic within.

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