Tuesday, 3 April 2012

7+: Minnow and Bear - Ben Blathwayte

Release Date: 01/03/12


Minnow the cave boy longs to be big enough to go hunting. When he is swept away by the river, he loves learning to fend for himself. He even finds a friend far from home - a little bear. Together Minnow and the bear grow big and strong, but winter forces them to make the difficult journey home. Will their new experience be enough to keep them safe?


Whilst none of my nephews have hit the “I don’t want to read” stage yet, I know that a great many people have trouble getting their children to enjoy stories if they’re not in a certain format. This one by Ben takes the young reader on a journey as a young boy is swept away by a river and has to survive with a young bear cub whilst hoping to find his way home.

It’s wonderfully descriptive, the characters come to life within the illustrations and the overall story is one of survival and hope that is presented in a graphic novel format that will have many readers enjoying it without fully realising what it is. Add to this positive reinforcement of admirable traits like friendship and this story was one of wonder. Magical.

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