Monday, 9 April 2012

3+: Duck's Easter Egg Hunt - Heidi D'Hamers and Dawn Richards

Release Date: 01/03/12


With gorgeously colourful illustrations and a gloriously glittery cover, this book is perfect for sharing over a delicious chocolate egg! Duck is so excited about the Easter egg hunt she's organised that she loses her own precious egg. Oh no, Duck!!! Duck is devastated, but all her friends (including three little bunnies: Hoppy, Poppy and Floppy) join together to help her. Children will delight in spotting the hidden eggs and helping the animals to help poor Duck.


In a wonderful addition to the time of year, this title by Dawn Richards and Heidi D’Hamers, is one that will enchant as well as have your young reader hanging onto your every word as the pages are turned to help Duck find her Egg. It’s great fun, the pictures are wonderfully bright and the story has a well-rounded view so that there’s something for everyone within. Whether its finding the eggs, or wondering if Duck will solve the problem, the reader will make their way through the story as they learn the true wonder of this time of year.

Its quirky, it has some great images and when you add a style of storytelling that will have the young reader hanging on your every word, its definitely a book to encourage this wonderful skill. Great stuff.

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