Tuesday, 14 September 2010

8+: Wild Ocean's - Lucio and Meera Santoro


Journey into the mysterious world under the sea as 3-D pop-ups swing off the page, bringing to life whales, dolphins, angler fish, and much more! Filled with stunning art and interesting facts about various oceanic zones--such as coral reefs, the frozen sea, the deep sea, and much more--Lucio and Meera Santoro take readers on an interactive and imaginative journey deep beneath the surface of the blue sea!


As a huge fan of the pop up book, Lucio and Meera really do pull out the stops with their titles. This one, the next offering after Predator’s is not only engaging, it can be a bit frightening, full of fun facts, pull downs and pull outs it’s definitely a title to inspire future Jacque Cousteau’s. A real treat and definitely something I know my nephews will love when they’re old enough to enjoy. Great fun.

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