Friday, 24 September 2010

12+: Jake Ransom and the Skull Kings Shadow - James Rollins

Release Date: 01/07/10


Three years ago, a mysterious package arrived for Jake and Kady Ransom. Inside were two halves of a Mayan gold coin, their mother's sketchbook and their father's notebook. But their architect parents failed to return from an expedition to the site of a long-lost Mayan civilization. Now Jake and Kady are plunged into a terrifying adventure. Someone is very interested in what's happened to their parents. And in Jake and Kady themselves. So begins a journey into a world of dangers both ancient and modern. Can Jake and Kady survive long enough to solve the mystery?


Having read James’ books for a number of years, I was interested to see what would occur with his first children’s book. As you’d expect from a thriller writer, he has a great sense of pace and you know that he really understood his male lead very well (as it turned out to be a younger version of James himself.) It also has some interesting characters, a deliciously evil villain and to top it all off, some great idea’s with dialogue as this adventure takes you to James’ version of the Lost World. Great fun, great adventure and with more to follow, the reader can be sure of a few more scrapes to enjoy as the darkness closes in.

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