Sunday, 19 September 2010

8+: Kit Salter 2: The Maharajah's Monkey - Natasha Narayan

Release Date: 29/04/10


Dark secrets at the maharajah's palace...Lost treasure and a bear attack in the Himalayas...And a naughty Indian monkey, filled with an ancient evil...When world-famous explorer Gustav Champlon disappears just before a trip to India to find lost treasure, Kit Salter is determined to discover why. Tiny footprints in Gustav's room put her on the trail of a naughty Indian monkey. Before long she and her friends are aboard a steamer to India, on a quest to find the monkey and save Champlon. Welcomed into the palace of the boy Maharajah, a fabulous adventure ensues: Tiger hunts, court intrigue and a mountain expedition to find the lost paradise of Shambala...A second fantastic story in a wonderfully exotic setting from an exhilarating writer.


Having missed the original offering by this author I was left wondering if I was going to be going either out on a limb or miss something that left me up in the air as to where I was. I shouldn’t have worried as this title welcomes the reader and takes them on an adventure that the young reader will have a hard time to put down.

What the author does well, is weave a story that you fall for which comes through even if the character can be a bit on the maddening side some times. There’s adventure, there’s danger and to be honest there’s a hell of a lot of fun to be found within. A real treat for readers and an offering that will make sure that I check out the first offering sooner rather than later. Great stuff.

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