Thursday, 9 September 2010

8+: An Awful Beastly Business: Battle of the Zombies - The Beastly Boys

Release Date: 08/07/10


In the RSPCB's most dangerous mission to date, Ulf the werewolf visits a haunted castle to investigate some very spooky goings-on. But little does he know that he's heading into a trap: the evil Baron Marackai is lying in wait with a beastly plan - and this time he's got help from the dead! Can Ulf unravel the ghostly mystery, or will he end up as zombie food? The future of the RSPCB depends on him...


In a world where events are moving faster than they can be reported and rainforests with wild populations of creatures are being eradicated, the Beastly Boys have brought the message of conservation to the young adult readers with this innovative and wonderful series. Within you get a fast moving adventure, a villain so dark he’s practically black and a story that is not only innovative but memorable. Here you get the best elements of the Urban Fantasy genre backed up with creatures/monsters of legend alongside differing environments with each tale. Also add great characters, larger than life background characters alongside a kickass principle character and you know its definitely something special.

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