Saturday, 25 September 2010

3+: Pirate Pussycats - Jonathan Emmett and Ed Eaves

Release Date: 27/05/10


Five purring pussycats, That are stranger than they look. Each cat has a secret That you'll find inside this book ...Kids will love meeting Skipalong the Cowboy Cat, Black-eared Bob the Pirate Cat and many other feline friends in this fabulous pop-up book. Each page introduces a new pop-up cat, along with fun information about their secret lives. Did you know that Venus the Space Cat sometimes nods off in her basket and then wakes up in mid-air?


Pop ups are not only fun but they form an essential part of every childs memories. (I really remember my Incredible Hulk pop up book in the Eighties.) So knowing this, you can pretty much figure that the book has to be something special in order to gain that much coveted place. Within this title you get fun, you get characters who stand out and of course there is a fantasy within for almost every child. Add to the mix a well known author who knows their trade and you’ve gotten something pretty special to enjoy time and again. Great stuff.

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