Sunday, 27 November 2011

8+: Monster High 3: Where there's a Wolf, there's a way - Lisi Harrison

Release Date: 20/09/11


The frighteningly hip teenage children of the world's most famous monsters have gathered together under one brave the horrors of high school! Always overshadowed by her six brothers and her fab friends, Clawdeen Wolf plans to finally strut her stuff in the spotlight at her upcoming Sweet Sixteen bash. But after The Ghoul Next Door goes viral, it's into the woods for the family Wolf. Clawdeen goes stir crazy lying low at her family's B&B with her annoying brothers until Lala shows up to keep her company. But is the vamp flirting with Claude?!


OK, we’re fans of Monster High in this household, we love the characters, their own little catchphrases and of course how they’re gelling together to get through the experience of high school together. It’s quirky, it has great plot lines and of course choices lead to consequences that they all have to deal with.

Add to this a wonderful overall outline that threads through the books, a sense of normality even though the characters are strange to the usual heroes that appear and a decent sense of pace to the titles. It’s a great piece of fun to read and for us, was a wonderful experience as we had another adventure thrown in as Claudette tries to have her Sassy Sixteenth even whilst her world changes around her.

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