Saturday, 19 November 2011

10+: Young Sherlock Holmes: Fire Storm - Andrew Lane

Release Date: 01/10/11


Enroll in Monster High with this fab journal featuring a foil cover and ribbon book mark! All your favorite Monster High characters prompt you to share your dreams, fashion sketches and more, while offering royal beauty secrets, scary-cool inspirations, drop-dead gorgeous fashion tips and even some freaky-fabulous DIY projects!


Having felt that the last YSH title was a little rushed at the ending I was still looking forward to this one so that I could see the character develop future skills that he would utilise to save Victorian England. As with the other titles in the series it has a cunningly crafted plot, the characters are outstanding and when you add a foe to worry Sherlock’s mentor, its one of the most hair raising adventures for our young hero to date.

Finally add some additional background to a certain housekeeper, a fast moving plot and above all else a title that doesn’t let up from the word go and it’s a book that very much hit the mystery spot to leave us sated as a reader. Great stuff.

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