Wednesday, 9 November 2011

8+: The Dragon Princess - E.D. Harris

Release Date: 03/10/11


Enroll in Monster High with this fab journal featuring a foil cover and ribbon book mark! All your favorite Monster High characters prompt you to share your dreams, fashion sketches and more, while offering royal beauty secrets, scary-cool inspirations, drop-dead gorgeous fashion tips and even some freaky-fabulous DIY projects!


I’m a fan of the compendium so when I had the chance to read a new take on the fairy tale I jumped at the chance. This title from E.D. Baker is a series that not only entertains but grows as the characters grow and make life changing choices. Add to this some magic, a great cast and of course a whole set of magical problems which overall made this a fun as well as satisfying read.

Finally add to the mix the sheer value for money on the purchase of this and it’s a book that will make a cracking Christmas present as well as giving the household a little bit of peace and quiet whilst its devoured which all in, leads to cracking fun and a great way to encourage and entertain the young reader during the season of repeats.

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  1. Oh this looks wonderful. you know what your site needs? I log it so I can mark all my favs and create a tbr list from it. :) love your reviews as they make christmas shopping much easier. *grin*