Tuesday, 19 July 2011

TEEN: The Traitors Gate - Sarah Silverwood

Release Date: 02/06/11


It's Christmas-time, and Finmere Tingewick Smith (Fin to his friends) is back in Orrery House, with Christopher, one of his two best friends. They're there for the Initiation of the new Knights of Nowhere. The boys have tried to find some normalcy after their recent adventures, but they're badly missing Joe. He's stuck in the Nowhere, guarding two of the Five Eternal Stories that weave all the worlds together; they're held inside his own body. In the Somewhere, Christmas is a time of glad tidings and gifts and goodwill, Christmas trees, carols and the celebration of good things. But there is no Christmas in the Nowhere, and in both worlds, things are not as settled as they look, for Justin Arnold-Mather is getting ready to make his move. In the Nowhere, something is moving through the streets, attacking people - random victims - and leaving them mad and disfigured. And in Orrery House, a tiny crack has appeared in the Prophecy table. The Prophecy is coming alive. The battle lines will be drawn between even the closest of friends, for the fight is on. The Dark King is rising.


Having not read Sarah’s first novel, I only have this one to go on. The plot line is quite adult, the characters fitting in nicely to the appropriate genre and to be honest it’s a great transition title to help get the reader to the adult world. Add to this great character depth with various degrees of peril as well as a roundedness that allows the reader to associate as well as think their own way through which when finally added to a reasonably fast moving plot, some great prose and a decent level of description really allows the reader to get the most from it.

A wonderfully refreshing read and one that has left me wanting more. I’ll definitely have to look into the first one now whilst I wait to see what happens in the third exciting instalment.

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