Tuesday, 5 July 2011

3+: No, Baby, No! - Grace Nicols, Ill. Eleanor Taylor

Release Date: 05/07/11


Baby is busy doing all the things that babies love to do, like exploring the kitchen, chewing up newspapers and climbing up too high. But members of his family aren't quite as positive about his antics as he is and there are lots of cries of 'No, Baby, No!' However, one day Baby does something really special and everyone celebrates with quite a different refrain.


Picture books need to fulfil a number of things for the young reader, first of all they need to be able to engage with the story, secondly they need to be able to understand what’s happening, and finally they need something to keep them interested from start to finish.

What Grace and Eleanor create in this release is a story that is full, light hearted and full of wonder which the target audience will ask for time and again. It’s easy to remember, the pictures are colourful and when backed with large scale words could be a great story to help start to teach the joy of reading.

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