Sunday, 3 July 2011

TEEN: Haunting Violet - Alyxandra Harvey

Release Date: 04/07/11


Violet Willoughby doesn't believe in ghosts, especially since her mother has worked as a fraudulent medium for a decade. Violet has taken part in enough of her mother's tricks to feel more than a little jaded about anyhting supernatural. The ghosts, however, believe in Violet and she's been seeing them everywhere. One ghost in particular needs Violet to use her emerging gift to solve her murder ...and prevent the ghost's twin sister from suffering the same fate.


Whilst most know Alyxandra for her Drake Chronicles, this current standalone title is one that I was wondering what I was letting myself in for. After all to suddenly divert from a bestselling series to create something new when you’re still technically a new author, is a brave move. What you get in this title from Alyxandra, is a heroine who stands on her own from the myriad of cast members, who has to gain emotional as well as physical independence and when blended with the time period to which its set makes this an absolutely wonderful read.

Add to this some magical twists, a surprise or two that you don’t see coming alongside quite a full plot outline and it’s a title that whilst fast paced doesn’t leave the reader feeling that they’ve been cheated as each of the various threads are tied up wonderfully at the titles end. All in this was a cracking read and I eagerly look forward to more tales in Violets world from Alyxandra.

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