Wednesday, 13 July 2011

12+: Jake Rollins and the Howling Sphinx - James Rollins

Release Date: 07/07/11


An ancient and priceless ruby - the Eye of Ra - has been found beneath the Egyptian sands in the Valley of the Kings. Legend has it the jewel holds immense power, but it has fallen into the wrong hands - which means trouble for Jake and Kady Ransom, and a new action-packed adventure as the pair are catapulted into an ancient land of shifting sands, dark magic and dangerous enemies ...Can Jake and Kady survive and outwit the Skull King himself?


To be honest when I read the first book I saw potential and had a blast so when the second landed I underwent a reread in order to make sure that I got the most from the release. As with the original it was a lot of fun, the action quite fast when it got going and the characters really stepped from the pages. Add to this a whole degree of mystery that underlie this mysterious world which when backed with a whole host of rich history to dip into really made this a real joy to read.

Hopefully each of the characters will continue to grow with my only real gripe being the sadly lacking expansion of Kady who I felt should have come more into her own in this outing. With luck that will be rectified in future offerings but as usual, the prose really kept it moving alongside some great dialogue. Great stuff.

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