Saturday, 11 June 2011

TEEN: Does Your Face Fit - Various

Release Date: 25/05/11


This anthology highlights some of the feelings and emotions experienced by teenagers - whether they have special and additional educational needs and disabilities, belong to minority groups, or just feel like the odd one out. It homes in on topics close to teenage hearts - unrequited love, isolation, unfairness, prejudice. This thought-provoking collection of poems on the theme of not fitting in has poems that range from funny to inspirational to deeply moving, and features some of the best poets around, including Jan Dean, James Carter, Andrew Fusek Peters and Rachel Rooney. The collection is published in association with nasen, and a donation will be made to nasen for each copy sold.


If writing is the way to convey a story, poetry is the form to convey images as well as emotions. This title compiled by Roger is one that whilst I’m not 100% sure to the target age group (I suspect early Teens), is one that contains a lot of thoughts from bullying through to first love.

There’s something for everyone and at an age when getting those thoughts out is difficult, its one that can convey so much with associations and understanding that the reader will be able to sympathise. All in its wonderfully put together, the sheer range is admirable and there’s something for everyone within. Finally add to this that it’s thought provoking and it’s a title that can be dipped into to find the right mood and temperament for the reader which makes this a title that will understand at the same time as befriend. The only improvement that I’d have added to this title would have been to contain a few poems from Teen’s depicting how they feel in this day and age for a more complete picture.

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