Sunday, 19 June 2011

8+: Kill Fish Jones - Caro King

Release Date: 28/04/11


Meet Grimshaw and Lampwick the Robber, a curse demon and his master, stuck in Limbo and getting on each others nerves. Grimshaw hasn't had a chance to unleash any destruction in the Real World since Lampwick's death bed curses years ago. When Lampwick has an unexpected opportunity to curse a whole new set of humans, Grimshaw can't believe his luck! There is one young boy on Grimshaw's list: Fish Jones. But Fish has unworldly talents of his own. Unlike other humans, he can see Grimshaw. And as Grimshaw's destructive inventiveness intensifies, it is matched by Fish's ability to escape. Why is Fish able to avoid the curse? And when Grimshaw plans to wreak the ultimate destruction, not just on Fish, but on the world, will young Jones' power be enough to stop him? Full of humour and wild imagination, KILL FISH JONES is a devilishly good read.


Having read a few of Caro’s titles to date I thought that I was starting to get a handle on her writing. That is until this latest title landed. Full of humour, action and adventure it’s a title that was a lot of fun to read and with the cracking pace set from the outset it’s a book that really keeps you chuckling as you read. Personally I didn’t think that the lead character was as well formed as previous ones but the real hero of the book for me was the vile demon Grimshaw. I loved that guy and whilst he may not be the best or the biggest, you had to give the guy credit for trying. All in a lot of fun and whilst I prefer her Seven Sorcerer series this one was a lot of fun to read.

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