Saturday, 25 June 2011

12+: Vampirates 6: Immortal War - Justin Somper

Release Date: 09/06/11


A bloody war is raging across the oceans, with the Pirate Federation and Nocturnals in alliance against the renegade Vampirates, led by Sidorio and Lola. Lola might be heavily pregnant with twins, but it doesn't stop her from remaining an active in battle! Connor and Grace Tempest each have important roles to play - he as a pirate warrior at the heart of the fight; she as a powerful healer working with the war-wounded. As the twins face their greatest challenges to date, old allies and foes return to play their part in the ultimate battle of Pirate versus Vampirate.


The sixth instalment in the hugely popular series featuring the Tempest Twins, Connor and Grace. As usual with Justin’s writing the tale is gripping from start to finish, the twists along the way will keep you glued and with the blood fest alongside two lead characters that step out of the pages into the imagination, it’s a title that will enthuse as well as please the reader.

Add to this some great prose, decent dialogue and continual growth for the characters within which when backed with a cracking supporting cast make this a YA series that you really shouldn’t miss out on. Great stuff.

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