Thursday, 9 June 2011

3+: This is Lulu - Camilla Reid

Release Date: 06/06/11


Readers embark on a glorious day accompanying Lulu. She introduces us to her family, house, garden, toys, friends and favourite activities as we turn the pages and lift the flaps in this bright and bold picture book for the very young. Packed full of familiar activities and objects, this exciting identification book, with a story in the vein of bestseller Richard Scarry, will be welcomed by all whether they're already Lulu fans or are new readers.


When I originally read Lulu’s Lunch it was a title that I thought was fun and quirky for the young reader. What this one has to offer is a book that keeps the fun within and allows the reader to learn by exploring the hidden area’s within the pages as well as giving them a great storyline. It’s fun, it’s inventive and when accompanied by the wonderful art of Allie Busby it’s a title that will become a firm favourite especially with the bright colours within. Add to that lots of things to discover and its an interactive adventure. Great stuff.

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  1. Totally going to buy this for my friends new baby girl. I love that childrens books are bought years before they're read, and then kept for a lifetime (should they survive the toddler years). ;)