Friday, 28 May 2010

8+: Urban Fantasy: Demon Defenders: Playground Plague - Jake Lancing


When another experiment goes disastrously wrong and the gang end up falling through the ceiling into the bathroom (where a shower-cap adorned Tabbris sits fuming at his young angel charges) the gang decide a change of leadership is required. Spit takes over and suddenly things seem to be going OK - trouble seems to be a distant memory. That is, until the gang's pet rat goes missing and the footprints in the fridge are bigger than any rat they've ever seen - or ever want to . . .


Having read and enjoyed a previous instalment of this series, I love to see how an author will adapt and change the plot outlines as well as allowing the characters room to grow. What unfurls within this offering is a tale where the group dynamics have changed and the characters have a great amount of room to adapt and change which presents a freshness that the readers will love.

Add to the mix a terrible plague of epic proportions alongside a villain so hideously evil that you really want to Boo and hiss at and you know that its going to be a fun ride. A great offering in this series and one that endear the heroes to the regular readers as well as allowing new readers to pick up this offering with no knowledge of the previous instalments.

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