Monday, 17 May 2010

5+: Little Ogre's Surprise Supper - Timothy Knapman and Ben Cort


Everyone knows that ogres eat children. Everyone except Jack.

So when Little Ogre meets Jack and says, "I want you for supper," Jack does a funny thing. He doesn't scream or run away - he's delighted to be invited! Poor Jack doesn't realize he IS the supper - a special birthday supper for Little Ogre's Mum! But Little Ogre and Jack get along well, and when it's time to put Jack in the cooking pot Little Ogre is faced with a very difficult decision. Will Jack become a meal, or a new best friend?
A deliciously dark and funny tale, in which friendship comes before food.


Tales for children have to have a couple of things going for them. First of all they need to be well written and engaging for the reader and likewise they tend to need some seriously beautiful artwork to enchant the reader. That’s exactly what this offering has, a tale about a party, a friendship against the odds and above all else a surprise ending that readers will just love. It’s a great offering and when you top it off with a moral it makes it an offering worth pursuing.

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  1. Aww this one is so cute, I need to get it for me little one. Thanks