Monday, 24 May 2010

3+: Educational - I Can Draw Series - Simon Abbott


A new series that encourages very young children to develop first drawing skills

Child-friendly ‘wipe-clean’ spreads allow children to draw and copy pictures and shapes. Each book has a special pen and six spreads. The wipe-clean element allows children to copy pictures again and again, as well as teaching them basic drawing skills. The colourful design treatment makes these interactive books highly appealing.


After reading the greatest gift you can give a child is perhaps the skills to help create things from their own imaginations or from real life, in short the gift of art. Contained within this series of eight books is a great way to get them started and will once begun give them hours of fun as they learn to hone the skills that they’re developing.

My own target for this was my nephew who whilst having art teachers for parents, is only just starting to learn the basics. What makes these titles so much fun is that they’re easy to follow, use white board technology so that they can draw inside the book and improve until they perfect the task at hand.

Its great fun and you can, with these titles, help generate a great start for your child alongside teaching yourself some of the basics. After all, a great many of us were never taught to draw as children and as such always disliked classes that forced us to face our fears yet these books make sure that no matter what skill level you have, you can learn the basic shapes to turn out a reasonable effort that will delight and amuse the child concerned.

Add to this at the end of the day that you can pick up the ones that appeal most and help them learn the basics so that they can then draw and colour in pictures for family and it really will make your day. I’ve also managed to turn it into not only drawing fun but Garden fun as my nephew is currently obsessed with Bugs. So after practicing drawing a selection of garden creatures (as well as using some of the others such as Pets, Park etc) we had creatures we had to spot on our paper. When he saw one, he had to shout out and point to the picture and we’d add a tick and see what we saw most of.

He had tons of fun in not only playing and spotting but perhaps more importantly learning that a curve here and a straight line there make animals that he can identify. You can imagine the fun that he’s going to have on our next trip to the beach…

On a side note the only thing I will add is make sure you know where the pens are and keep them safe as to be honest you don’t want your budding artist to practice on wallpaper etc.

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