Wednesday, 26 May 2010

11+: FANTASY REVIEW: Voices in the Dark - Catherine Banner


Anselm Andros has always thought he had a normal life - confidante to his mother, Maria, confessor to his stepfather, Leo, a man haunted by the secrets of his past, and support to his sister Jasmine. But when the political landscape of Malonia starts to shift, this unassuming family begin to unravel. Even though they have spent the past fifteen years leading a quiet life, Maria and Leo's actions are forever linked to the turbulent history of Malonia and its parallel world, modern-day England. The voices from the past still echo in the present and Anselm must pull all the pieces together - whatever the cost.


After numerous problems with the first offering by Catherine, I was left wondering whether I should actually pick this title up and give it a go. On a day when I felt that I had nothing better to do, I prepared myself for a substandard offering and opened the first page.

What unfurls is a marked improvement on the first tale that shows that the author has not only listened to a lot of the criticism that was left and improved upon her weaker area’s. Add to this, better world building, greater prose and a greater handle on the characters making this a slightly better than average offering.

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  1. It sounds interesting actually. Though I can't stop hearing movie-version Gandalf's voice saying "Riddles in the dark" as he puffs on his pipe when I read the title. . .