Saturday, 25 February 2012

TEEN: Fated - Sarah Alderson

Release Date: 05/01/12


What happens when you discover you aren't who you thought you were? When the person you love is the person who must betray you. If fate is already determined - can you fight it? Lucas Gray is half Shadow Warrior, half human, and a member of the Brotherhood - a group of assassins tasked with killing the last purebred Hunter on Earth before she can fulfil a dangerous prophecy. The Hunter's name is Evie Tremain. Evie Tremain is seventeen-years-old, a waitress and has just discovered she is the last in a long line of demon slayers - and an unwilling participant in a war between Hunters and unhumans that has raged for the last thousand years.


Does life follow a set course? Are we masters of our souls? The Captains of our ships or are we just a strand woven into a greater tapestry where our lives touch on others to create a greater whole than ourselves? These are some of the questions that you find yourself asking in this story by Sarah Alderson and whilst she’s added a supernatural element to the story (almost Buffyesque) it’s the complexities as well as fully fleshed characters that get you to stay.

Don’t get me wrong, the plotline is strong, the twists wonderful but when you get a character that you just love to be around such as Evie, you really can’t put the book down for fear of missing something huge in her life. This, for me, is the sign of a good author and as such I read this book in a very short time.

Add to this a good use of pace, a wonderful sense of humour alongside an author who knows how to twist the emotional worries of everyday within and it’s a story that I absolutely loved. I really can’t wait to read more by Sarah and hope that its not too long a wait for her next offering.

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