Tuesday, 28 February 2012

3+: Dogs - Emily Gravett

Release Date: 05/01/12


Gorgeous canines of every shape, size and colour are bounding through this irresistible book. Can you choose one dog to love best of all? With playful pencil and watercolour illustrations to delight children and adults alike, everyone will long to bark along with the Chihuahua and tickle the Dalmatian's tummy. This is a wonderfully satisfying book with a twist in the tail.


I love Emily Gravett, her use of bright colours, wonderful illustrations and a clever choice of words makes her books an instant buy for me as an Uncle. I love her, my nephews love her and most of all she’s an author who always gives you something imaginative as well as creative no matter the subject within. Finally add to this a great sense of pace a story that will amuse as well as fire the imagination and I’ve had many a fun time spending time drawing and colouring different animals with my nephews alongside creating our own version. Great stuff.

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