Sunday, 12 February 2012

3+: Goat Goes to Playgroup - Julia Donaldson and NIck Sharratt

Release Date: 02/02/12


There's a commotion in the classroom as Goat and the other animals spend the day at playgroup. The musical instruments and the dressing up box are lots of fun, but oh dear! Goat gets into a muddle or two. Luckily, it's not long before everything is all better.


Children are a lot of fun and with a nephew who is like Goat in the story (independent and likes to do his own thing) I fell in love with the whole tale as it gave me a laugh as I recalled what his Mum told me about his antics. Its colourful, has a great concept and when you add into the mix that its by Julia Donaldson, it’s a story that will appeal to the young reader as well as the adult for its wonderful sense of whimsy.

Add to this bright colourful art by Nick Sharratt who brings it beautifully to life and overall it was a successful book for me. I really look forward to sharing it with my nephews, in particular the one who reminds me of Goat so much.

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