Friday, 7 October 2011

9+: Rangers Apprentice 11: The Lost Stories - John Flanagan

Release Date: 06/10/11


Will, there's something you should know. Something I should have told you long ago...

There are stories about the Rangers that have never been heard before and it’s time for you to hear them. Stories about your parents and how you came to be an orphan. About how a Ranger's life was saved. And about what happens next for you and your loyal friends. Are you ready to hear the truth?


As a huge fan of the series I was sad to see the end of it although this final gem from author John Flanagan takes the reader on a few additional short story adventures to help fill in some gaps within the series history. It’s cleverly done and if you’ll forgive the pun, ranges across the many years of the series.

Add to this some wonderful additions that not only flesh out the world but the characters and the reader is in for a real treat on their final excursion for the moment. If you’ve got into John’s writing, look out for November and his new series Brotherband, which centres around the Skandians. Cracking.

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