Sunday, 9 October 2011

8+: Belladonna Johnson 2: The Midnight Gate - Helen Stringer

Release Date: 07/10/11


Belladonna Johnson has got used to having parents who are ghosts, and most of the time they're just like other parents. The only problem is, no one can see them but her. When someone catches her having a conversation with thin air, Belladonna is carted off to a foster family. But all is not as it seems - there's something very weird about her new guardians, and something even weirder about their house. Soon Belladonna and her friend Steve are forced to go on another mission to the shadowy underworld - facing more than one bloodthirsty mythical beast along the way . . .


Having read and loved the first Belladonna story I really couldn’t wait to see what Helen would come up with next, what arrived with this book was a story that readers will love, it has a great lead character and one that demonstrates positive traits that help the character make her way through the current set of problems. Add to this a deeper story arc that shows that Helen has a whole host of deeper issues for Belladonna to work her way through and it’s a series that will be a deep joy to unravel with each passing title.

Lots of fun, great characters and when you and decent prose and pace which when backed with the authors own identifiable writing style makes this a series that’s hard to put down.

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