Thursday, 13 October 2011

5+: Again - Emily Gravett

Release Date: 07/10/11


It's nearly Cedric the dragon's bedtime -- there's just time for his mum to read him his favourite book. Unfortunately for her, Cedric likes the story so much that he wants to hear it again ...and again ...and again ...with incendiary consequences! A typically clever and quite irresistable book from a star talent.


Apart from Julia Donaldson, one author that I aways keep an eye out for is Emily Gravett, I love her sense of whimsy and the wonderful illustrations that back her style of storytelling as well as enjoying reading the titles time and again to my nephews who find something new to enjoy with each reading.

Add to this bright colours, full of movement illustrations as well as some wonderful twists and the reader really will get a blast (literally looking at the back cover) from this title as it goes to show that patience has its own virtues. Magical.

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