Monday, 5 December 2011

8+: DreamWorks Puss in Boots Colouring and Activity Book

Release Date: 10/11/11


Get ready for the swashbuckling tale of Puss's early days: his life in the orphanage, his friendship with Humpty Dumpty, how he meets the feisty feline Kitty and their search for the Goose Who Laid the Golden Egg.


OK, so you want something to distract your children or your nephews and nieces at Christmas but not sure what will do the job? Christmas coming on a little too fast? Is their noise and excitement getting to you? Well in that case you need an activity book to keep them occupied and what better way to do that than give them this one based on the Puss in Boots film that the odds are you’ve already taken them to see (or bribed someone else to do it for you. LOL)

It has a lot of puzzles, a lot of distractions and of course will allow the recipient the chance to think their way through things as well as have lot of fun with all those new coloured felt tips that someone bought them for Christmas.) All in a very nice book with enough to give you more than a few hours of peace and quiet at the most hectic time of the year. Magical.

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