Wednesday, 8 December 2010

3+: Aliens Love Panta Claus - Claire Freedman and Ben Cort

Release Date: 01/10/10


The aliens are excited, As tomorrow's Christmas day, So instead of stealing underpants, They're giving them away! Yes, it's true! Everyone's favourite aliens are full of the festive spirit and so they are giving away their beloved underpants - shock, horror! Join them as they help out in Santa's busyworkshop, put neon pants on Rudolph and tie knickers up in the place of stockings. But remember to hold on to your pants - this special pants giveaway is for one day only. Ho-ho-ho! Merry Christmas!


Having loved the previous titles by Claire and Ben, I really couldn’t wait for this Christmas themed one to land, and whilst it was originally released back in October, it was a magical moment to save it for this, the holiday period. As usual, you get a quirky story as our heroes come to the rescue of Father Christmas as he makes his way to all the children in the world. It’s beautifully told, the illustrations a lot of fun as well as brightly coloured and it’s a great addition to any children’s library or a great story to help them get to sleep on the hardest night of the year.

All in a great book and one that we absolutely loved. With luck you’ll get the same pleasure the we did from this title.

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