Wednesday, 28 April 2010

3+: Rumble Roar Dinosaur - Lynne Chapman and Tony Mitton


Children will love discovering a whole host of dinosaurs in this fun-filled picture book. Each spread features a short rhyming poem by the award-winning Tony Mitton, in which a different dinosaur introduces itself. Mixing humour with information, the poems include details about where each dinosaur lived, what it ate and how it got around. Accompanied by Lynne Chapman's amusing and colourful illustrations, and full of lift-the-flap surprises, this is the perfect book for pre-school palaeontologists.


The second novel in this series by the two authors that not only will amuse the young reader but also brings some surprises as well as some dino-education that will be remembered. My nephew absolutely loved this, the bright colours the rhyming couplings and above all a great way to learn about something that will inspire for years. Perhaps it will be a series to inspire a young palaeontologist of the future.

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